White People, Wake Up is an online portal for white people who want to learn how to end systemic and systematic racism against black people in the United States. It is for those who are committed to studying white supremacy, moving past white fragility and who are no longer content to practice white silence when it comes to issues of race in the United States. Here, willing white people will be inspired to recognize, organize and push back against white supremacy whenever and wherever it is found.

This site focuses on white supremacy as it has been used against black people. While most of what is shared here can be applied to other non-black minorities– as well as minorities of every hue who experience discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation and physical ability– White People, Wake Up specializes in the unique relationship between white supremacy and black people in America.

The content shared on WPWU is intended for white people who know that the job of dismantling white supremacy is not up to people who’ve been victimized by its ruthless system, but that this hefty task falls squarely on the shoulders of those whom systematic racism was intended to benefit (i.e. white people). When properly embraced, what is shared here may cause some to be deemed as “white allies”. However, the main purpose of this site is not to encourage white people to merely support black-initiated resistance or cause white people to sideline themselves as friends of a particular black movement. What this site does intend to do is inspire white people to start their own resistance movements because doing so is the right, just and moral thing to do. In short, the white dismantling of white supremacy is YOUR job and this site aims to help you get started on that duty right away.

Here, we believe that the only truly “good” white people are those who are willing to deliberately use their whiteness to stop cycles of apathy and acceptance when it comes to systemic discrimination. White People, Wake Up isn’t designed for those who wish to be color-blind, silent or coddled when it comes to addressing race and racism. WPWU rejects “white tears”, “white guilt” and any other activity or label designed to focus on white feelings and ultimately distract from the conversations that need to be had and the work that needs to be done.

There’s a lot to process here, but you can do this. You MUST do this! In order to dismantle America’s awful system of discrimination, oppression and violence, we ALL must roll our sleeves up and be willing to get our hands dirty. You are qualified, you have been called and there’s no snooze button on the alarms going off all around you, so…

WHITE PEOPLE, WAKE UP and let’s get to work on making America better than it’s ever been!