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We’ve curated a collection of videos that will educate you on the history of whiteness and your role in today’s system of white supremacy. The interviews and speakers you are about to encounter will inspire you to play your assigned role in ways different than how you’ve been subconsciously trained to “be” white. The goal of this collection is to get you to respond differently to discussions of race and to do so from an educated and informed position.

Individual Videos

The Invention of the White Race by Theodore Allen (Presented by Jeffrey B. Perry

Why Do White People Insist Race Doesn’t Matter with Robin DiAngelo

The Color of Law: How Our Government Segregated America with Richard Rothstein

How Antimiscegenation Created White Fragility with Jackie Battalora and Robin DiAngelo

The Fear of White Men with Jackie Battalora and Robin DiAngelo


Racial Violence in the United States

More to Come

Refer to this section often as we will consistently share more videos of this nature. If you have a suggestion for a video that should be posted here and that our community will benefit from, please contact us directly with a link. Remember to also follow us on YouTube as we curate and share more videos there.